San Diego

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COVID-19 has made me appreciate San Diego much more. I feel like I took for granted the beaches, parks, and other activities that are here when they were open. But now that they have been closed for so long, I can’t wait to spend as much time at them as possible. I also think that…
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My 2020 High School Senior Experience

COVID-19 has had a significant impact on the world’s society with the potential of affecting how we interact with each other in the future. I have lost contact with many friends and known individuals who fought for their lives against COVID-19. This pandemic has made me realize how truly vulnerable we are as a human…
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A Rolling Fog

Since I have a public health background, I began watching the pandemic unfold early on. I had hoped against hope that we could prevent the current scenario. I realized I should start to prepare, just in case. Then a friend of mine met me for coffee in early March, and told me her concerns as…
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Taking The Free Covid19 Test without Symptoms

May 5, 2020 San Diego County opened the drive thru Covdid-19 testing to anyone! This means we are in phase 2 or almost into it of the lock down. Phase 2 lightens restrictions, instead of being confined to my boat I can stretch my legs and go for a walk on the beach. I can…
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