Taking The Free Covid19 Test without Symptoms

Story shared by Chris M of Chula Vista

May 5, 2020 San Diego County opened the drive thru Covdid-19 testing to anyone! This means we are in phase 2 or almost into it of the lock down. Phase 2 lightens restrictions, instead of being confined to my boat I can stretch my legs and go for a walk on the beach. I can go boating. I can go get a covid-19 test and I did!

I don’t have any of the symptoms for the coronavirus but was curious about the process of the drive thru testing and wanted to have the peace of mind that I don’t have it (It’s a mental thing).  I filmed my experience step by step (with San Diego County approval to film), put the top down on my convertible (haven’t done that in months) and velcro’d my note9 phone to the rear view mirror and pressed record.

Sticking a swab down my nose was a first time experience. It stung a little and I think I breathed a little better after. 🙂 The experience certainly woke me up.

Sunshine is very important during this Pandemic and San Diego is delivering well. As first there was a solid week of rain but now everything is blooming, monarch butterflies, and cool breezes at the coast. Essential and I am living in the perfect place. Plus, living on a boat is serenity in itself.

link to video on  youtube https://youtu.be/G233NiPYUTk

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