Solana Beach During COVID-19

Story shared by Paul C of Solana Beach

COVID-19 has changed my life in a few ways, the most obvious being outdoor activities. I am not able to go to school physically, trips to the grocery store are more scarce, and I rarely see my friends at all due to the crisis. Thankfully, I am able to run and bike around to keep somewhat active and my school as transitioned to online, so I still am keeping busy doing schoolwork and exercise. Overall, my family and I are not being hit too hard by the pandemic as we have the resources to sustain ourselves, unlike many other Americans during this time.

Not much has changed in my neighborhood at this time. People aren’t gathering in groups at all because of the pandemic, but many people are out running, biking, and walking dogs to keep active.

Seeing the news every day about how other people in America are living and coping with the Coronavirus reinforces the idea that, at least in the region that I’m living in, I am living in a bubble, protected from the real hardships that others will be enduring. I live in a community that is mostly very well off and not affected much in a negative way, besides having to isolate, which is nothing compared to what poorer Americans, the homeless, and the elderly have to deal with.


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