San Diego

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Diabetes Vs COVID-19

I am a diabetic and part of my daily routine is to get up, have breakfast then head out to exercise by walking. Since the Shelter In Place  rules started I was afraid to go out and get my exercise. I could tell my blood sugars were going up. I decided I had to win…
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A Positive Outlook

COVID-19 has changed my daily life because I suddenly could not participate in the activities I would do every day. My school went online for a week as a test for the possibility of this virus getting worse and I have not gone back to my school since. I now have to interact with others…
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A Good Way … A Bad Way

(Since COVID-19) …. I’ve become closer with my family in a good way and a bad way but it’s upsetting because I can’t see my friends and I can’t go out.
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My Beautiful Community

I really never thought about how beautiful my community was and how lucky I was to be able to live here until I wasn’t allowed to explore or be a part of it anymore.
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