The Art of Being Grateful

Story shared by Linda S of Mission Valley

I first visited San Diego when I was 17 (1980) and completely fell in love with it, the weather, access to the ocean and marine animals and birds. I knew the first time I stood and looked out at the horizon from Children’s Beach that it was “home” for me and I’d come back.

At first (after the stay-at-home order) it was all about cleaning, cleaning, cleaning and shopping, shopping, shopping. Then came a dedication to self-care, never a strong suit but something that needs to be taken seriously. After that, learning to lean in a little more and relax, enjoy podcasts and reading, even a little writing and practicing the songs for choir, for performances that may or may not happen. I decided it’s important to “act as if” and carry on.

And of course the daily reminder and importance of gratitude for my health and that of my family and friends.


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