Behind the Scenes of the Front Lines

Story shared by Helene M of San Diego

I have had the unique challenge in the 40th year of my career at the hospital of moving my business operations to total remote work.

I manage 75 staff who have varying degrees of digital and computer technical skill. Most of them have personal computers that they can use to do their daily tasks with relative ease. I have a few staff who do not have internet or personal computers so they must continue to work in the office with social distancing in place. Working with our I.T. department, I have learned many new skills about what it takes to get a large group of people fully into remote work which has led to me working with my department trainer to create a training guide for getting future staff up and running remotely.

I believe the result of the  COVID-19 outbreak may lead to more remote work with less need for huge office space, less freeway traffic which may create greater satisfaction for employees who work in medical business office jobs.


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